The Indispensable Steps to Becoming A Real Estate Agent

Choosing to become a real estate agent is a crucial move in anyone’s career. People enter various careers and occupations and are in the real estate field at all stages of their lives. Every person has different reasons why they think real estate is their right career choice. Becoming a real estate agent requires a national license by the way. 
Each state regulates its real estate licensing procedures, and each state has slightly different regulations or rules. 

General Qualifying Requirements for Becoming A Real Estate Salesperson 

To qualify as a licensed real estate salesperson or agent, you must: 

  • Be at least 18 or 19 years of age. It depends on the state. 
  • Have legal residency in the U.S. 
  • Complete the required pre-licensing education (look up the requirements in your state) 
  • Pass the state real estate license exam 

These items represent the high-level checklist required to become a licensed real estate agent, but you need to make many decisions that will determine your journey’s success in the process. 

Is Real Estate Appropriate for You? 

The initial step in this process is to ensure that the real estate industry is right for you. As a real estate salesperson, I work for you every day. Contact local real estate brokers and agents and ask them questions about their daily work. Ask critical questions about real estate as a long-term occupation. This career path requires full commitment. 

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The Indispensable Steps to Become A Real Estate Agent 

Although the specific circumstances vary from state to state, there are five steps everyone must take to obtain a license and become a real estate agent. 

Step 1: Understand the Real Estate Permit Requirements in Your State 

Real estate licensing requirements are different in each state. The real estate commission website in your state will list its formal pre-licensing requirements. (Kaplan Real Estate Education) provides several pages that narrow this knowledge gap. 

Step 2: Register for A Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course 

From the real-time classroom location of local real estate schools, some real estate companies, universities, and technical schools offer real estate licensing programs, home learning, and online real estate education. Ensure that the school you are enrolled in is in good standing, provides high-quality content and have lecturers that monitor students’ active learning. 

Step 3: Apply for The Real Estate Salesperson Exam 

Make sure you follow the state requirements for the application process so that you can take the real estate agent exam immediately after you complete the real estate licensing course. Please contact the real estate regulator in your state for specific details. 

Step 4: Pass the Real Estate Salesperson Exam 

Passing the real estate exam requires not only completion of educational requirements but also preparation. It takes extra study time to prepare to pass the state exam. Since the ultimate goal is to help you pass the exam, most of (Kaplan’s pre-licensing packages) include comprehensive exam preparation courses. 

Step 5: Find A Real Estate Agent 

Real estate salespersons are permitted to act on behalf of brokers and may not act independently as real estate brokers. Consider finding a real estate agent early in the licensing process. Remember, there are many factors to consider when searching for the right real estate agent. For real estate agents, every day is unique. 

All the best on your journey to obtain a license and your ultimate successful career as a real estate agent!  

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