Social Media Trends in 2021 that you must employ in your Marketing Strategy

The year 2020 was unpredictable, and it changed the face of social media marketing dramatically. Increase in social media activity online lead marketing business to depend mainly on social media. It initiated a race to reach the target audience and lead generation among companies. In this article, I’ve compiled some social media marketing trends that will be viable in 2021.

Social media marketing: A contemporary approach to reach the target audience

With the rise of social media, the question of return on investment by businesses is gaining importance. They want to know what return on investment they will get on advertising to the Twitter vs Tiktok platforms. In 2021, the race will hit new statures as advertisers will extensively utilize online media promotions to connect their services/products to customers. As per a Hootsuite study in 2021, 73% of respondents showed that attracting potential new customers is their most important social media goal.

Analyze the accountability of social media platform that You’re using for marketing

Industry experts and academics believe that social media platforms are controlling too much of public discourse. Businesses must analyze the effect of social media platforms on real-world events because the forum’s reliability will help the customers understand your association with that social media platform.

Social Media Will fight to grab the attention of Marketers

Almost all the social media platforms offer ad services from podcasts to streaming; for example, Spotify offers bolstered services to grab podcasters’ attention. Social media platforms will put all of their efforts to provide marketers with a reliable and safe environment in which they can reach potential customers and enjoy the best return on their investment.

Traditional Brands are Conquering the Social Media Game

According to the top 10 eCommerce retailers, by eMarketer, the department store Target and grocery retailer Kroger appeared in the list for the first time. Ecommerce served as the key to their success as most people shifted to online shopping for groceries and other household items.

This pandemic has made the effectiveness of the use of ‘online system’ clearer. Shortly, it is expected that more traditional businesses will shift towards this system as it provides high ROI.

High Time to Turn the Customer Experiences Immersive In ‘Augmented Reality’ Technologies

Social media platforms have become more mesmerizing due to the immersive experiences provided through augmented reality and virtual reality technologies. The fun fact is that most people enjoyed these immersive experiences while being at home due to the pandemic.

With the ease in the pandemic, Businesses will have a vast opportunity to connect those virtual experiences to customer experiences as people will start coming to the public spaces. This will lead to the establishment of an innovative brand value.

For example, Snapchat, at its virtual event named LensFest, announced a $3.5 million funds that it is going to invest in Snapchat Lens creators and developers. Since this community is using Snapchat’s Lens Studio tool to explore augmented reality technologies, Snapchat is looking forward to these community-created lenses as it is already making a strong deeper connection among the Snapchat users.

Protecting Brand Image Will Be A Real Challenge

Brands swam into the political field at an expanding rate in 2020. In any case, some have discovered their raids into newsjacking, joining a current affairs discussion online. In 2021, brand image will continue to pose some serious challenges due to the rise in misinformation and public objections. Marketers will have to consider social media platforms’ accountability, although disinformation cleanup has already started on major social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Suppose you are responsible for designing social media strategy for your brand. In that case, you’ll have to seriously analyze if your brand’s ad (that appears on social media platforms) is following all the rules and regulation set by that social media platform.

To make the brand accountability viable, marketers are going to have two responsibilities.

  • Understanding the social concerns and worries of the potential customers
  • Creating strategies and plans ahead of time on how and when to share considerations on issues so that brand image isn’t harmed. 

Choosing the best suitable platform for populating your content

In the early days, people had to learn the specific features of each social media platform, but now it has got relatively easier and any feature introduced by the platform is embraced quickly by the users. Different platforms allow you to share data in various forms (such as stories, videos, images) and varying size limits. You must follow content management solutions so that your products or services are best served to the customers consistently.

Using stories, images and videos perfectly

With the rise in COVID-19, people tend to spend more time online, and their choices or likes/dislikes vary based on the type of content they prefer to watch. Short videos are gaining high popularity among the people. Marketers will have to go for the content that is captivating and authentic at the same time.

So, in your opinion, what else in social media is going to grab the attention of people in 2021?

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