Real Estate Social Media Marketing: Everything You Need to Know

The real estate social media marketing is now officially shifted to an online system. Social media marketing has become a critical component of marketing strategies of Realtors in 2021.  Social media has become an excellent tool for communication and lead generation in the real estate business. This article will take you through the most effective strategies you can employ in your real estate social media marketing. 

  1. Choose the most suitable social media platform. 
  1. Add client testimonials 
  1. Patch up Blog Posts into Social Posts 
  1. Use captivating social media graphics 
  1. Using Real Estate Hashtags for Optimizing Content 
  1. Choose the Most Suitable Social Media Platform 

There are many marketing applications and softwares with automation features that allow you to create quality content minimizing the time for creating content and maximizing the outreach. 

The selection of a suitable social media platform depends on your target audience and products. Over the past few months, Instagram And Facebook have proven to be applications to know what’s most suitable for your business. Here’s a summary of the most prominent features of popular social media platforms, you can use any of them to its greatest potentials. 


 Instagram is based mainly on Aesthetically pleasant photos and videos. So, adding captivating images and videos representing your brand would be a great Plus in social media marketing for real estate business. It has an attention-grabbing feature named as ‘stories’ where you can post questionnaires poles for service to attract your followers and customers. You can also connect it to Facebook, making the posting of content easier to both platforms simultaneously. 


With its 2.7 billion active users, Facebook has been the most prominent platform to be used for real estate business social media marketing. You can easily add various types on Facebook, including post photos videos and Virtual tours etc. 

Tik Tok  

Tiktok has become one of the most popular and biggest platforms widely used globally. Here, you can make your business stand out by adding captivating videos of your listings. 


LinkedIn is probably the most critical platform for providing professionalism and authentic networking opportunities to your business. Here, you can post client testimonials, market trends and even success stories. 


Twitter, home to the birth of hashtags, is a popular platform that can be used for social media marketing. It has a character limit that allows effective and short messaging. 

  1. Add Client Testimonials 

Every time you post a deal, it seems that your bracket but you are building confidence and trust in your brand. The testimonials of the first-person experience provide a massive short in social media marketing.  As more people see you successfully working with others, they are attracted to your business. So, client testimonials and marketing mix provides the perfect combination for building your brand worth. Success stories might include video testimonials, successful home selling/buying stories or clients review quotes. If your clients are on social media, they can tag you to generate engagement and attract more audience. 

  1. Patch up Blog Posts into Social Posts 

Many real estate websites have blogs, but most of them fail to provide real value to the audience. Your blogposts must depict your expertise in the real estate market that helps you access more prospects to your social media channels and ultimately to your website. 

Based on the previous blog posts, you can perfectly create social media posts in a very little time. You can grab people’s attention, only by sharing a quote from previously written material simply by adding captivating graphics. Here are some ideas of blog posts that can help you improve real estate marketing. 

  • Articles on market statistics and predictions 
  • Tips for buyers and sellers 
  • Articles about the surroundings/neighbourhood 
  1. Using Real Estate Hashtags for Optimizing Content 

Hashtags are a best way to facilitate discovery and enhance engagement. They provide a potential avenue for prospective customers to find real leads. Pay attention to the successful real estate business’s hashtags and use them wisely. Here are some of the generic real estate hashtags. 

  • #properties 
  • #realestate 
  • #property 
  • #justlisted  
  • #forsale  
  • #broker  
  • #homesale 
  • #newhome  
  • #dreamhome  
  • #homelisting  
  • #investmentsales 
  • #homebuyers 
  • #realestatelife 
  • #realestateinvestment 

Some Customized Real Estate Hashtags might include: 

  • #[Real Estate Team Name]  
  • #[Target City]homes 
  • #[Brokerage Name] 
  • #[Target City]property 
  • #[Target Neighborhood]  

If you’re not getting the engagement that you hoped for, using hashtags, there are some creative hashtag tools that can help you limit the guesswork by suggesting suitable hashtags for you. 

  1. Use captivating social media graphics 

Using social media graphics can serve as the best way to reach a greater audience. People are more attracted to aesthetically pleasant posts. Social media graphics can provide your brand content with a stunning look. It can help to expand your sphere of influence. These graphics can save a lot of time, and the content seems more engaging and captivating. Many real estate infographics are available online for free that you can use to show a mesmerizing image of your brand to the world. 

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