Real estate Facebook ads that will generate leads

It’s surprising how some people are masters at their own game while others are struggling to get ahead. Sometimes we find these people have a lot of money and they’ve only been in the business for a short time, while people who have been there longer than they can imagine are finding it difficult to break even.

Do you want to learn how to make reasonable money? If you need help, then dive into this article, we are going to demonstrate how Facebook ads can generate leads in the Real Estate business.

How do Facebook ads work?

In the world today, customers are generated by ‘targeting’. Many people think Facebook and Google are invasive, and they can get personal information from our computers’ microphone and phones. However, these companies work via a system called algorithms. It’s basically artificial intelligence that determines what people like when they like it and why they like. It  is this same artificial intelligence that can be used to boost businesses everywhere and you can use it to buy and sell homes 

Is rolling out Facebook ads expensive?

The answer is  NO. Facebook ads cost around $4-$100, and for prominent and active customers, Facebook offers a discount. You can always set it to dominate your area.

How do you run a Facebook ad in 2020?

There are 14 steps enumerated:

Sort out your personal branding

Use a professional logo and have a website. People who look professional and trustworthy are more likely to gain clients in the long run. A brand is what customers turn to first and provides a gateway into the company’s mantra.

What kind of leads do you want to generate?

 Most of that time, sellers have a problematic means of choosing one lead or the other. In order to streamline customers and reach as many people as possible, leads research has to be carried out and the choice for such, laid out as objectively as possible.

Ensure that you have a budget.

 Strict financial targets make sure you develop leads that will benefit you eventually. A budget ensures that you do not waste capital, and you have an inventory concerning the benefits you are getting from each. Make sure each lead allows you to break even and turns eventually turns you a profit. 

Do you have a Facebook business page

Customers prefer to click on ages pages that provide information without having to leave the platform.

Set up a campaign 

Once you have set up your camping setup, show people what they are going to get. A new website or Facebook page may have home buyers guide and show off-market properties

Set activities for the campaign 

A particular ad category can help determine the kind of traffic you want to kill.

Set project pricing 

 Facebook ad promotions are based on a billing system. This means where you can sell your products contacts, and within your daily budget, Facebook can help you set your bids. It enables you to get constant attention.

Set your bidding strategy

To start, the lowest cost should be set. Once automatic, facebook would bid at the lowest price.


Refine your audience through Facebook users using location, language, demographics, interests  and connections 

Placements are important.

Choose where your ads would be displayed. Set posts efficiently to Instagram and Facebook


Optimization and spending controls ensure that your Facebook ads are enhanced so that you can get complete faster traffic at a go. Landing page views ensure that you are driving people to your website or your Facebook business page.

Choose Ad format.

Change the kind of hours that you want you may want to have. Collection ads, single image ads, carousel ads are different ways by which you can show people your products. Collection ads tend to be the best, and their design is suitable for e-commerce companies. Multiple images are great if you want to show the interior of your products. 

Create your lead magnets 

It is best to write and design your lead magnet first to ensure that it is engaging; it has a clean layout. People can easily use it to remember a product. Always put emojis and put yourself in the customer’s shoes 

Design a landing page 

If you have a regular website, you do need a landing page to ensure that your website is at its optimum capacity and it’s can easily reflect your company’s objective stays on top of your list and keeps up to date with all your customers.

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