Map Out Your Social Media Plan Right Now

2020’s over, and most likely, there is a chance that your social media plans might not have gone well or not as per your expectations, the previous year. However, a new year is a new beginning, and you can review your budget that is to be set aside for marketing in 2021. For this purpose, the major tasks that you need to do are: 

  • Analyze the success of social media activities in 2020. 
  • Based on the performance of last year, design the social media marketing strategy for 2021

Documenting a social media strategy is essential. 

The first step in mapping out a social media plan is to create an outline. Content serves as the source that expresses your brands, tells its story and explains its products and services. Success stores, client testimonials, photos and videos can be added into it. A content grid helps to visually layout different types of contents. Content should be designed in such a way that it can be used in various mediums and forums. For example, a blog can be posted on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest. In each case blog presentation should be designed so that some little changes in the language and picture sizes make it ready to be posted anywhere. 

Plan and design the content to be posted on social media platforms either weekly, biweekly or daily depending upon your products and services and need for a frequent appearance on customer’s timelines. It is vital to plan, who’s going to write design and post the content and as it goes live, you must take charge of it. The best approach for this purpose is to make a team of reliable people who’re willing to work with you as needed. Different software and application can be used for collaboration among the team members. 

To plan your social media marketing strategy, the following steps can be employed. 

  • Know your audience 
  • Discover your high traffic social networks (e.g., by using google analytics) 
  • Research the largest following your competitors and the tactics they’ve employed to attract the audience 
  • Make investments on paid promotions to enhance your sphere of influence. 
  • Be unique and stand out. 

Therefore, the best strategy for effective social media marketing is to present the right content to the right people at the right time. So, how are you going to employ this strategy in 2021? 

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