How to Get High-Quality B2B Leads with Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are great for B2B. However, Zoominfo shows that only 39% of marketers have even tried to use Facebook ads to create conversations with B2B prospects. Facebook has been underrated as a platform for B2B leads while it is one of the largest platforms and easiest for B2B. Here are three ways you can generate high-quality B2B leads on Facebook.

A Hubspot report summary compiled by Marketing Charts shows that the average cost of a single B2B lead from all channels in 2017 was $172.72. However, running Facebook campaigns for clients can be as low as $50. As if that is not enough, a click on LinkedIn costs $6.50 in 2017 while on Facebook, the same clicks cost between $1-$2.

This clearly shows how Facebook is underrated by business owners and marketers. Some perceive it as a platform for just idle teens hence go for other platforms like LinkedIn where “serious business-minded people” congregate. This perception is responsible for creating a gap between Facebook’s importance as a source of bargain B2B leads.

Having said that, there are many small business owners who claim that Facebook doesn’t work for them. Some even claim that they get over 50 leads in a month only to find that only one was qualified. This differs from the results we have seen firsthand. A good example is a ten-day client campaign that had 18 leads for a total of $691.73 spent on the ad. Out of the 18, seven of them were found qualified which means that each qualified lead was just under $100. This then begs the question, what are these successful business owners and marketers doing that the other marketers aren’t? The answer could be that these successful ones ask the people to provide documents and certify that they are full-time business owners and meet a certain income level before they can make or book a call.

Offer Proof                                                              

Having proof in your Facebook ads will ensure you only deal with qualified prospects. Most business owners don’t take lightly the decision to hire an agency. They will look at options, compare numbers, and even seek opinions from others. Take two ads for example; one has no numerical proof while the other one has numerical proof on the headline. After a few weeks, the one with proof will most likely be preferred by business owners. So, always keep in mind that proof works.

Allow the Algorithm to Do its Work

Avoid narrowing your audience too much that it is impossible for Facebook’s algorithm to find potentially qualified prospects. Most ads have cross-referenced targeting parameters which will ensure the ad reaches a very specific audience. This smart audience is tasked with gauging and predicting the characteristics of buyers, subscribers, and leads in advance. However, it is almost impossible to predict human behaviour. Instead of doing all this, you can just let the algorithm figure out who to show the ad to as long as you are tracking the right conversion parameter. On the other hand, you should also avoid making your audience too broad because that will definitely break your budget.

Be Very Specific with Your Copy

Specificity is of great importance when you are trying to capture the attention of people while they are looking at pictures on Facebook. The advantage you have on Facebook is that you don’t have the brutal competition that is seen on Google ads. The Facebook platform is more audience-based than keyword search based. Getting the attention of your prospects on Facebook will require you to have captivating and specific headlines on your ad. Avoid boring vague ads that most people will just swipe past.

Would you want to try Facebook ads for your business but afraid of unqualified leads?

Most of the unqualified leads are time wasters, people who want things for free, and people who are always dreaming of being entrepreneurs. However, as much as there are unqualified leads, there are also tons of qualified prospects who are willing to respond to your company if you provide proof, define your campaign goals carefully and get very specific with your copy.

Apply these tactics to your Facebook ads and you will never have to complain about unqualified leads again. You will also be able to attract the high-quality B2B leads you have been searching for.

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