How to Become a Realtor in 2021

Real estate is a big industry that has various sectors servicing its needs. One of these sectors are the agents to act as the bridge between buyers and sellers of property. Although the terms realtor and real estate agent are used interchangeably, they mean two different things. At the core a real estate agent is an individual who has passed the exams and has been issued the license to practice. A realtor on the other hand is a real estate agent who is a member of the association of realtors and follows its rules of conduct and principles. In this piece, we will discuss the steps it takes for you to become a realtor in 2021.  

Get Your License 

The beginning of it all is acquiring your license to be a bonafide agent. Passing your exams and going through the process to becoming a real estate agent is your ticket to becoming a realtor. It is also advisable that you get some experience with an established real estate firm to gain some on the ground experience. This will help you find your feet before you decide to branch out. 

Join a Realtor Association 

The National Association of Realtors is a parent for over 1400 splinter realtor associations around the US. You should join the association closest to you for ease. If you own your real estate business it is easier for you to join but if you work at a brokerage, one of the principal members at the brokerage needs to be a member. This is why you should search carefully before selecting a brokerage to join. 

Pay an Application Fee 

To complete your membership there is an application fee you will be required to pay. This fee will be determined by your local realtor association after you have been vetted and successfully scaled through the selection process. Thi fee should be paid to the local chapter and once this due is paid, you become an official member of the realtor association.  

Pay Annual Membership Dues 

As with any organization, there are annual membership dues required to be paid to maintain your membership of the association. The amount is pegged at $150 and it it is a one time fee for the whole year. Without this due being paid, you will not be a recognized member of the realtor association. Paying this fee is important because there are numerous benefits to being a realtor which you will miss if your dues are not paid. 


If you want to be a realtor in 2021, this article is a trusted blueprint you can use to achieve your goals. The first step is passing your real estate exams and you can move forward from there. There are benefits attached with being a realtor and if you want to enjoy those benefits, you will need to keep paying your annual dues after becoming a member. For more information about being a realtor, you can check the National Realtors Association website. 

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