How Important Is Social Media for The Success of Real Estate Businesses In 2021?

All the industries that primarily rely on face-to-face contact are mainly impacted by COVID-19, and they’ve had to adapt to the changes quickly. Real estate is one of those major industries. Real estate agents are now moving behind the screens through video meetings or virtual tours, instead of scheduling multiple conferences and site visits. Although real estate mainly relied on different online social media platforms, this pandemic has doubled the importance of those platforms.  

Hise, I’ll show you a summary of how a young and most successful luxury agent in New York, Philip Scheinfeld, responded about the real estate industry and marketing in such an uncertain situation. 

The stated real estate agent was asked about social media’s role and various tools in real estate marketing these days. She answered that real estate agents are now primarily moving towards an ‘online system’ to find new clients, sell property, and build their businesses online. According to him, social media presence is crucial in keeping the company floating amidst the pandemic. We’ve to provide our first impression to the potential clients online, whether we use Zoom or Instagram.

2020 has been the year of immense change, and those who understood the need of time and evolved accordingly survived.  Social media has served as the most robust marketing tool by reaching the target audience 24 hours a week. 

In response to what sets a great agent apart from the good one, she said that a strong team is the pillar of any industry, and the same is the reason behind his success. A strong foundation and a substantial social media presence help the great agents engage with the target audience and keep them in contact with the other agents, sellers, and brands. 

She believes that another critical key is ‘marketing’ based on contemporary trends.  The clients must also be treated in the right way, making them feel special. A great agent always has to be a student to keep learning consistently. She stressed on building personal relationships with the clients instead of just considering them as the transactions. 

When asked to give three social media tips for beginners in real estate, she stressed the word ‘engage’ stating it three times. Secondly, people must ensure that their name and brand go hand in hand. The third and most important tip is to be authentic, unique and reliable. 

When asked about the virtual aspects of real estate, she stated that virtual tours are the most important ones that save your time and limit frequent showings. Staging apartments IRL and virtual staging are also essential. A key selling point for us has been the best surrounding areas having all the fundamental amenities that one could ask for. 

Therefore, Scheinfeld and his team are themselves proof, that with the involvement of technology, the real estate business can reach new heights. 

How will you use social media in 2021 to turn your real estate business into a successful one? 

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