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Facebook ads for the real state are an efficient and quick way of lead generation, in a reasonable price range. According to an estimate, an average person spends 35 minutes per day on Facebook and this is the time that you’ve to focus on displaying captivating ads, thus, attracting the attention of users and turning them into your potential customers. Here I’ll give you an insight on the approaches that Zine collective uses for the marketing of your brand effectively using Facebook ads and why should you pause using google ad words move your budget to the Facebook ads. 

How Facebook ads are displayed?

Facebook ads are displayed on the right of the screen. The use of eye-catchy images attracts the attention of users, getting them to read the ad headline and a good headline compels them to read the ad body text.

The Facebook ad uses the best targeting approaches

We use Facebook ads for our real estate marketing as it gives us the ability to fine-tune the ads that help us reach the potential audience. This applies to not only one ad, but all the ads running in one campaign can be targeted to different target audiences. For example, if an ad aims to reach the sellers to get listings, it would be specifically shown to them and the same goes for buyers. The Facebook ad provides the advertiser, an ability to narrow down the audience based on age, keywords, area, and other demographics. 

How we plan your ad for real estate marketing?

Planning an ad is the first and foremost step that must be focused on for the perfect execution of the idea that can generate leads quickly. So, we plan your ad perfectly to help it to reach the target audience, generating leads, and consequently, providing you an amazing return on investment via paid ads.

With a complete understanding of the goal, target audience, and text body of the ad, we move to the ad layout area. The image of the ad must be an area image that is highly recognizable instead of your image. If someone is interested in a mountainous area, a photo of mountains would probably be the best option to make the image appealing. Once the framework is ready, an ad campaign can be initiated quickly. 

The destination URL

Our purpose is to take the users to the destination URL as they click on the ad. That URL might lead to your blog, website, or Facebook fan page. If you’ve created different web pages for buyers and sellers, it’s better to build different ads for both. This is the best approach to help the audience reach exactly where they want to be, instead of taking everyone to your homepage. 

The Title/Headline

The total characters available for the title are 25, so the headline must be concise and captivating. It’s better to create 2 to 3 versions of the ad so that they can be used and tested by editing the ad later. Always remember, that you’ve only a few seconds to grab the attention of the user so everything must be none less than perfect. 

The Body Text 

You’ve 135 characters in the body text that must be used wisely to get the click making them a sales pitch. Let’s say if an ad(buyer-targeted) headline is like, ‘Denver-Hot Buyers Market’, we can make some concrete statement about how buyers name their prices while buying homes in Denver. Rewriting and editing several times helps you to get the most out of the 135 characters available.

The Image

The easiest way to upload an image is to get the best images in your hard drive and choose one among them, that shows exactly what you’re selling as shown in the figure below. A captivating image will bring the users to the right side of the screen urging them to read the headline and text body.

User’s Location

Although most real estate professionals would like the ad to reach an as wide audience as possible, you can drill down your target audience by making it to the area of your potential sellers or buyers. For example, if you’re having massive buyers from some neighbouring state, you can target your Facebook ad to the users that reside in the state. For potential sellers, you can target only the specific city. 

Age, Birthday, and Sex

This block gives you a choice of age and gender. You can rule out your target audience based on age such as the starting age of 18 years or younger. As far as the birthday is concerned, there’s nothing of value. Next comes sex or gender and that is quite a useful option. For example, most of the home buyers would be single females. If you want to target a specific group, make sure that your ad has an effective headline, the image, and the text body, and then make sure that it reaches the target audience either males or females.


Keywords serve as the major targeting factor if they exactly match your goals. You can use some town name or any particular feature of your brand as a keyword, and it will help your ad reach the people having the same keyword in their profile information. For example, if you’re working with the investors, using the keyword ‘real estate investors’ would tightly narrow down the ad to the exact audience.


Typically, limiting the prospects based on their education is not a good approach, unless you’re targeting the professors or your work is related only to some area of education. 

Relationship and Interested In

The relationship could be important if families are the targeted audience. Contrary to that, if the product is related to single teenagers or young professionals, this field also comes into play. ‘Interested in’ don’t serve any specific purpose relative to the Facebook real estate ads.


If specific language is important in marketing, the language can perfectly do the magic for you helping you reach only the specific users.

Connections and Friends of Connections

If a group having several connections is available, related to the real estate area, you might be interested in reaching that group. For example, connecting with groups associated with a specific institution. 


This shows the number of people available based on the specifications that we’ve added previously. It tells about the number of people living in our specified area, those with an age of 35 or above and the ones within 50 miles of the specified area. 

Some other targeting features

Every year, Facebook adds new features to efficiently target the desired audience. One such feature is ‘Lookalike Audience’. This feature allows you to target the audience based on similar characteristics, interests, and likes relative to your existing potential clients.

Campaign and Run Days Setup

A campaign is first, given the name. Then we’ve to tell Facebook how much we’re going to spend per day. To run a test, you can set this to 1$ but be assured that it must not be less than the cost of 1 click, otherwise, you’ll see blank reports. 

The next step is to specify the days, in which you want the ad to run or you want it to run continuously. Based on the number of expected ad presentations, Facebook suggests the number in the budget box daily. 

Pay for Impressions/Pay for Clicks and the Bid

Based on the number of people who’ll see the ad, Facebook suggests the bid to be 0.71$ per click, and the expected clicks are 71 per click/day for 50$. If you want to reduce the budget, then you’ll be offered fewer clicks.

Now, the better choice is to go back and restrict your criteria to reach exactly relevant people, instead of just quitting as you run out of budget. This is what you can always look up to if you’re not getting as many clicks as you want.

That’s all about your Facebook Real Estate Ad Campaign. Are u ready to give it a chance?

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