Building Your Career as a New Real Estate Agent

It isn’t a secret that the year 2020 was tough for several people. When 2020 ended, over 12,600,000 people from America were jobless because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and that left people to wonder how they will pay their essential bills which includes the monthly mortgage. This financial uncertainty is the reason several people have thought of changing their career, and every individual will always require a home to stay, real estate is now what many delve into.  

Even though several agents swiftly learn, it is not always seamless; it carves a successful road in the industry. The National Association of Realtors provided data that reveals that agents do not earn up to $10000 in their initial 2 years as real estate agents.  

What’s the reason new agents can’t stay in the industry?  

According to Brian Buffini, who is the chairman and founder of Buffini and Company, the biggest reason is because of inadequate or no training. This is the reason Buffini created the excellent real estate training program for the agents who are new to the game, and the program is called 100 Days to Greatness, which was released collaboratively with the National Association of Realtors. Even though a program with the same intent was related by Buffini some years ago, this one has completely different content from that.  

100 Days to Greatness is believed to be one of the most in-depth training programs you can find around for licensees, as it breaks down all skills needed by agents to become successful in their initial couple of months in the business. The 100 Days to Greatness said that an agent is required to accomplish lots of things early. The initial thing is to build a successful database with the use of individuals in your influence sphere: social groups, business owners, friends, etc.  

As soon as these people are put in a real estate CRM, a proven system must be implemented by agents to generate quality leads. According to Buffini, new agents need to treat the database they have as relationships, then serve them for the generation of referral businesses.  

Some other activities that the novel agents need to do: 

Learning and understanding the essentials of working with sellers and buyers professionally. Your clients are required to be aware that you’ve got the skills they need so the job can be done right. In addition, agents are required to adopt the best time management strategies and stay afloat on their finances.  

Nevertheless, the top thing a new agent is able to do for building a career is to invest in training in real estate. Agents that decide to take Buffini’s training are increasing their profits and the value they provide in the industry. 

According to Buffini, the clients who were coached by Bififni and Company make 10× more than the average real estate agents earn nationally. He also said there’s great power in developing your skills to serve your clients at the maximum possible level all the time.  

If you are a new agent that wants to begin your career solid or an agent that just requires a jumpstart, you should register for the 100 Days to Greatness now!  

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