Becoming A Broker

Before you sign up to partake in the broker license exam, candidates need to have completed over 240 classroom hours (the equivalent of 16 credits) in courses that are state-approved and made for the preparation of future brokers. All of these courses are provided online and offline by the Realtors Educational institute.   

What’s needed to fair the broker license examination: 

  • Be a minimum of 21 years old 
  • Be a high school diploma holder or equivalent 
  • Have a minimum of 3 years experience as a salesperson with a license.  
  • Finish 240 hours (16 credits) of broker classes that are Commission-approved (maximum of ten years prior to your examination except you took the courses as part of a Juris Doctor degree or bachelor’s degree). 2 of the courses need to be Real Estate Brokerage/Office Management and Real Estate Law.  
  • Must have gathered 200 “points.” The “points” in the Real Estate Commission are awarded in both residential and commercial for each sale that’s completed, leases, exclusive listings, property management assistance, etc. 
  • Applicants with licenses need to document 200 points using the point system that follows as a metric to show their expertise: 
  1. Residential or Commercial sale — five points 
  1. Residential or Commercial executive listing that sold — five points 
  1. Residential or Commercial unsold executive listing — one point 
  1. Residential lease — one point 
  1. Commercial lease — five points 
  1. Residential or Commercial Property Management Assistance — six points monthly 

Applicants without licenses that got their three years of experience in any setting that’s exempted, like government employees and attorneys, are required to give detailed documentation of the experience on a resume highlighting particular experiences in a combo of, but isn’t limited to: 

  • Real estate issues counseling or place that the advice isn’t essentially legal in scope 
  • The negotiations apart from legal issues 
  • Lease, management, purchase, or sale of real estate 
  • If you’re making use of experience as a lawyer, attached to your resume must be an original Supreme Court Certificate of Good Standing 

If you’ve got an active license for brokers from any other state in the last five years, you’re required to submit a letter of Good Standing or an original licensure certificate from that state, and it must be issued within ninety days of the day the application was gotten in the Commission Office.  

The Letter/Certificate: 

  • Exempts you from taking the examination’s national portion in the state again.  
  • It may also offer a credit or examination exemption: 
  1. If that letter or certificate documents 240 hours or 16 credits of education or if you’ve been an holder of an active broker license for over eight years.  
  1. If that letter or certificate documents lower than 240 hours or 16 credits, you’ll get two credits for every broker active practice year of yours in that licensed state.  

The State Exam 

To become a real estate broker, you’re required to initially become accepted to take the broker exam. To be accepted, you’re required to go to “” to submit your application for the first broker license you want to get as soon as you pass your exam.  

That application will need you to pay some fees for the exam, provide your experience charts, educational transcripts, and some other needed documentation for the determination of your qualifications. The moment you get approved, you’ll get a notification that you can register for the examination. 

After passing the examination, you can attach the score sheets to your application or request that it is sent by the examination’s company to the Commission via mail. 

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