7 Killer Tips for More Effective Real Estate Facebook Ads

Real estate agents are well aware that only selling property does not make an agent successful. The ability to sell and rent more houses is obviously necessary, and a must that every real estate agent should possess. However, it is another essential thing to make a real estate agent successful, that is the ability to generate captivating leads. A real estate agent needs to attract the attention of the potential buyers and sellers to achieve more success as a realtor. Therefore, marketing techniques are necessary for this competitive real estate market. 

Accordingly, Facebook is the best way to market your real estate business. As per various latest researches a person spends at least thirty-five minutes on Facebook every day. Ultimately, giving you the perfect opportunity to interact with your potential client with your best Facebook ads. To make the best Facebook advertisement, one should follow the below-mentioned techniques.

1. Identify the Demographics.

The first and foremost, the important trick is to narrow down your audience based on their demographics, interest and behavioural patterns. Accordingly, the relator looking forward to promoting the business should consider the demographics such as the age, income, lifestyle and then present the advertisements to those selected people. Additionally, other factors, such as interests should also be taken into consideration. For example, if a person showing interests in properties, real estate and similar stuff on Facebook, that person should be considered as the targeted audience, as a real estate agent. 

2. Identify their Interests.

Furthermore, the person showing interest in vehicles or any other thing unrelated to real estate cannot be considered as the targeted audience or a potential buyer. Moreover, behavioural patterns should also be observed if a person has purchased or rented a property before he or she should be approached. Other ways to narrow down your target community can include targeting by;

  • zip code
  • age ranges
  • income
  • homeownership
  • lookalike audience
  • “likely to move.”
3. Upload Videos. 

Another way to sell the property faster is by uploading videos of the property. As per research by Australian Real Estate Group, properties with videos receive 403% more inquiries. Contemplating, that properties up for sale with videos allow the potential purchasers to have more insight into the property, allowing them to better evaluate the property. Moreover, videos do attract more people towards a particular property or an advertisement. 

4. Be perfect with your timings. 

Furthermore, another essential element and the key to a successful real estate business season is the timing. The agents are well aware that during the season, the markets are flooded with the buyers looking to purchase properties, and the best season is the summer season. As per Zillow, houses listed from Mid-March and Mid-April sell up to 15% faster, and 2% expensive. As per Zillow “that’s a national premium worth more than $4,000. And in hot markets like San Francisco, that could mean an extra $22,000 in your pocket!”

5. Use good imagery.

Visual appeal plays a significant role in attracting the customer towards your product. You can use Carousel ads to fulfil this purpose. These ads not only attract more customers, but they also create a catalogue type format to show multiple pictures on a single page and make it more appealing. Besides, they are also time-saving for the customer. They don’t have to waste their time waiting for the pictures to load correctly due to bad internet connection or see every single picture thoroughly. Most people skim through the catalogues until something catches their eye. You can add crucial details like several bedrooms, bathrooms and floors for the ease of the customers. 

6. Be Reliable. 

Selling a home in which a person has lived for a long time can be very emotional, and buying a new house can be frightening. As it is a long-term investment and people want to be sure that they are making the right decision. For this purpose, they tend to choose to deal with those real estate companies or agents which seem trusting. So, honesty is essential for real estate agents while dealing with customers. They should make sure that the ads they have created are 100 per cent true and transparent. And do not contain any false information to attract potential customers. Honesty can get you a much longer way than dishonesty!

7. Share your good reviews.

The presence of good reviews on your real estate page on Facebook can also increase the trust level of your potential customers. For examples, if someone is visiting your Facebook page for the first time, if he or she finds good reviews, the confidence level will instantly boost. It will undoubtedly help you to win over a potential customer. Another vital factor which instantly promotes the advertising process is imagery. It is worth mentioning that using good images in your ads is very necessary, just like the videos the images also attract and gain the attention of the potential customers. Conclusively, with all these tips explained briefly, you can definitely improve your real estate business.

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