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We are your dedicated business development team who uses our proven strategies to consistently fill your inbox with high quality Seller and Buyer leads.

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Understanding Our Offer

Curious to understand what we are offering?

How we are able to have such a strong guarantee?

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Brokerages Our Clients Represent

Becoming pointless even checking your calendar?

This represents 99% of Real Estate Agents. They send “spray and pray” messages hoping that something will land. They try every template they can find and sit there waiting for their customers from 2 years back to send referrals, none of them seem to work. Confused about what to do, they try to do everything to make sure they cover all the bases. They see lead generation as a giant tangled knot of chaos.

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Consistently book High-Quality Sales Calls Stress-Free

These Realtors are rare, accounting for only 1% of the industry. They feed on value, clarity and efficiency. They leverage proven strategies and effective campaigns to create authentic conversations and valuable relationships. They see lead generation clearly, book more calls and close more deals.

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This case study will teach you all the ins and outs of our process and how you can also earn a lot more than you presently are.


All of our leads will be provided to you on our custom made app. Here you will be able to be onboarded, see all your campaign results and moreover, you will be able to see all the appointments that we have set for you. You can download our app at the link below: 

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Client Testimony- Making $80,000 In 6 Months

This is how our Matt has made $80,000 in just 6 Months by working with us and made this company name into a brand.

Client Testimonials 

Making $80,000 In 6 Months

This is how our Matt has made $80,000 in just 6 Months by working with us and made this company name into a brand.

We've Also Helped Other Agencies Grow

Understanding Our Process

Campaign Setup

Here you will discuss your desired campaign with your ad manager, and begin to set that into motion.

Ad Creation & Optimisation

This encompasses the creative side of marketing including copy. We may request some videos or photos from you so we can capture your vision as you see it and help you articulate it to the world.

Campaign Testing

Within campaign testing, we are seeking to apply a small budget to split-test things such as audience, country, and age demographics. By doing so we are able to see dominant trends and scale our actions from there.

Management and research

At this point, we are aiming to understand your desired audience in order to reach market resonance. We will identify their wants, dreams, fears, and desires in order to optimally reach them.


Clients and audiences will have pixel installs which will allow us to roll out these retargeting ads to the desired group. All of this is made possible with the use of pixels and ensuring that this is in place on your website.

Campaign Optimisation

Here we will analyze your ads and optimize them to ensure we are getting the highest return on investment possible.

Lead Contacted On The Day

Every Lead that is generated will be contacted by my team which is based in the US

Call Until Demise

We do the most effective and intensive campaigns in the industry. Nobody touches your leads more than us and includes actual phone calls.

We Scrub Old Leads

We don’t just care about your new inbound leads, we can help you get the most out of your current database and find the appointments hidden there.

Bonus Email Campaign

We will run a 12 month email marketing newsletter campaign to warm up your leads and make sure you come across as value packed. 

Bonus Organic Media Campaign

We will be working with you to make sure you are up to the 21st Century standard when it comes to how you are sharing and posting, organising a long term strategy, executing on time, making sure you come across as the top realtor in your vertical.

Bonus Referral Program

We also include a bonus referral program which will allow you to work with other agents to make more money. Our clients do not typically work with rentals, so this program allows us to send renters over to a partner agent. Making sure no dime is left unaccounted.

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